The EduFootball Program is the CTC Ten Safe-Hub’s core curriculum. Its focus is on age-appropriate structured play to develop active and positive youth. The EduFootball Program’s components are as follows:

Get in the Game!

Children ages 5-10 engage in play-based learning, focusing on gross motor and other early developmental skills in line with government physical-education standards.

Go For It!

Children ages 11-16 focus on learning life-skills through competitive football. Using a FairPlay scorecard, participants earn sportsmanship points while developing their football skills.

Make Your Play!

Young people ages 17+ develop practical skills to reach their career goals and contribute positively to their communities.

Girls Inc

The Girls Inc Program provides supplemental activities to female participants to address the unique obstacles girls face in Khayelitsha. Activities include women’s health workshops, 11-a-side training and matches, and work-readiness seminars.

Night League

The Night League Program targets male youth ages 17+. Through competitive 5-a-side matches and training, Night League creates a safe environment for participants during Friday nights, statistically the most dangerous night of the week.


The PlayMaker Program is the foundation of program implementation. PlayMakers, the Safe-Hub version of a coach, are young people between the ages of 19 and 27 who live in and around Khayelitsha, are unemployed, and are not enrolled in an education program. Thirteen PlayMakers are hired at the Safe-Hub each year, where they undergo a 12-month learnership program. Not only are PlayMakers the direct line of engagement to our participants, but they also complete their learnership with sports administration certifications, referee certifications, and other professional development achievements.

Captain’s Committee

Captain’s Committees are made up of Go For It! team captains. The Committee provides a forum for voicing concerns and ideas for participants and management at the Safe-Hub. The project builds and reinforce conflict resolution skills while solidifying team commitments to the Safe-Hub.


AMANDLA FC is AMANDLA’s 11-a-side soccer club for U12 & 17+ participants. The teams train 2-4 times each week and play in tournaments on the weekends. AMANDLA FC gives team members the opportunity to play competitive soccer, develop their talents, work together as a team, and realize their dreams.