Each week hundreds of children and adults in Khayelitsha Township use the CTC Ten SafeHub. Programs are run in partnership with several local non-profit and community organizations under the guidance of AMANDLA EduFootball. The cornerstone programs are spotlighted below.

PlayMaker Program
The PlayMaker Program has between 10 and 13 young adults work at the CTC Ten Foundation Safe-Hub each year. Eligible candidates are people between ages 19 and 27 who live in or near Khayelitsha, are unemployed, and are not enrolled in an education program. The selected PlayMakers enroll in a sports administration certificate program at the Exercise Teaching Academy. They also complete the core cluster of the National Association of Child and Youth Care Workers for child protection and support, referee training, computer training, and first aid training. In addition to professional development, the leaders attend trainings on topics such as substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, and financial literacy to support holistic development.

FairPlay Football and Life Skills Sessions
Youth from around Khayelitsha come to the CTC Ten Foundation Safe-Hub to participate in FairPlay Football and Life Skills programs led by the PlayMakers. Participants focus on training that uses soccer to promote education and life skills. They also compete in FairPlay Football matches at the end of each week. These matches encourage players to work together, act with integrity, and, perhaps most importantly, have fun.

AMANDLA FC is AMANDLA EduFootball’s 11-a-side soccer club. There is one team for under 12 participants and one for senior participants, ages 17 to 27. The teams train two to four times each week and plays in tournaments on the weekends. AMANDLA FC gives team members the opportunity to play competitive soccer, help them develop their talents, work together as a team, and realize their dreams.

Captain’s Committee
Each FairPlay Football league has a Captain’s Committee that consists of team leaders. A representative from the PlayMaker Program is responsible for overseeing each committee. The purpose of the Captain’s Committee is to provide a forum for voicing concerns and ideas for participants and management at the Safe-Hub. This project also strives to build and reinforce conflict resolution skills.

Loyal Fam
The Loyal Fam is a group of young people that works to minimize violence in the community through hosting events such as street soccer tournaments and street corner debates. Street soccer tournaments bring the community together and provide a safe space for youth to freely express themselves. Street corner debates also provide a safe space and allow young people to discuss challenges they face and possible solutions together as a community. The Loyal Fam also participates in career expos to develop professional skills, assists with AMANDLA EduFootball events such as the Loyal Fam Youth Day Tournament, and looks for other local organizations to help them achieve their mission.

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