The Chris Campbell Memorial Field is located in Site B, Khayelitsha – a township located outside of Cape Town, South Africa.

Khayelitsha Street


The Group Areas Act, passed in the 1950s, prohibited blacks from living in South African cities. Hundreds of thousands defied the ban and moved to urban areas in search of work, putting up shacks made of tin, wood and cardboard. Since they were prohibited from formal settlements, massive “townships” sprung up outside urban centers of which Khayelitsha is one. Apartheid is gone, but its legacy -and the shacks- remain. In fact, the townships are growing: Khayelitsha is home to between 500,000 and 1 million people. .

Present Day

The townships of South Africa, including Khayelitsha, continues to be plagued by poverty, crime and poor education. HIV/AIDS is a fact of life in Khayelitsha. Although there are no official figures, estimates based on HIV/AIDS tests already conducted indicate that approximately 40,000 people have HIV/AIDS in various stages. Of these, health workers believe only around 7,000 are aware of their health condition. Additionally, reliable estimates suggest there are as many as 14,000 orphans in Khayelitsha, the majority the result of the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Waiting for the bus

The impact of CTC Ten

Given the lack of resources and opportunity of the children of Site B, CTC Ten and its partners have had a tremendous opportunity to make an impact. By providing an alternative to the Shabeens and crime, CCMF has become a respite in an otherwise struggling community. Over 2,000 children participate in programs at the field each month making the field a beacon of hope in an otherwise difficult community.

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