90 Days at a Time

15 September 2017 · · Uncategorized · 0 Comments

Immediately after I received the call that I would be headed to South Africa for a full year (OK, so maybe not immediately, but soon after), my thoughts turned to that essential, all-dominating document that would allow me to stay in Cape Town for the long-term: The Visa. When I first applied for my year-long.

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Means and Ends: From the Beautiful Game to the Beautiful Life

19 August 2017 · · Uncategorized · 0 Comments

Ed Foster-Simeon, President and CEO of the U.S. Soccer Foundation at a soccer-for-development conference in April remarked that the growth of soccer-based youth development that is reaching across America at the grassroots level is the game’s second wave around the country. The first wave, orchestrated at the top levels, was the popularization of the game.

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Sport Helped Me Navigate the World

21 July 2017 · · Uncategorized · 0 Comments

Hi, team! My name is Elizabeth Clinton. I’m from Havertown, Pennsylvania and I am incredibly excited to be the newest CTC Ten Foundation Fellow. Ever since I can remember, I have been a competitor, and I have taken out that competitive energy in athletics. From soccer to softball to swimming to track & field, I.

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Rumbling and Roaring: My Role and a Lesson Relearned

1 July 2017 · · Football, kids · 0 Comments

  If you had three words in which to explain the purpose of your role, what would you say? Ludwig Wittgenstein, in Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus, sets the lofty aim of (assuming I read this correctly, which is unlikely) redefining the logic of language in order to provide clarity on our ability to express thoughts to one.

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Life (Abroad)

13 March 2017 · · Uncategorized · 0 Comments

I’m staying for a second year. I made the decision about 3 weeks ago and the news was shared a few days thereafter, so it’s not quite as momentous as one might think. That said, it hasn’t completely sunk in or become apparent to me. Between the grind at work and family and friend visits.

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