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We’ve all got stories. We have short stories, long stories; stories about fun, folly, freaking out, failing, and finding our ways. It’s probably not too much of a generalization to say that for many of us, there are a select few we carry in our back pockets—they’re stories we’ve polished over many retellings, deliberately meandering.

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Hello There

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My name is Cameron Rutledge and I am an advocate for youth development. I believe children are the future. I strongly believe an investment in a better tomorrow starts with the children of today. I’m a recent graduate of Franklin & Marshall College. Originally from Miami, FL, I volunteered in many youth development capacities: coaching.

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PSL: Primary School League

30 April 2016 · · Uncategorized · 0 Comments

After a long offseason and much anticipation, the Khayelitsha Primary School Soccer League is back in full force. The 2016 season is officially under way at the CTC Ten Foundation Safe-Hub, and the hopes are high for a solid season and hopefully a few underdog title runs. The Safe-Hub is now the place to be.

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The BIG Picture

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My high school crew coach only had two rules for my team. I will never forget his paramount rule: “Always remember the big picture.” I was repeatedly amazed how this one rule was able to create such a disciplined, focused, and unified team. We were not perfect, but thinking about the big picture prevented numerous missteps from a.

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New year, new field

12 January 2016 · · Uncategorized · 0 Comments

Santa arrived a couple weeks late this year… The brand new, top class, beautiful CTC Ten Foundation Safe-Hub field is complete! A project that began on 01 November 2015, was finished in the first week of the new year. There is no better way to ring in the new year than with a breathtaking, new.

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