6 February 2017 · · CTC Ten Safe-Hub, Football, Khayelitsha, kids, Soccer, Uncategorized · 0 Comments

We’ve all got stories. We have short stories, long stories; stories about fun, folly, freaking out, failing, and finding our ways. It’s probably not too much of a generalization to say that for many of us, there are a select few we carry in our back pockets—they’re stories we’ve polished over many retellings, deliberately meandering.

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The Beautiful Game

27 November 2016 · · AMANDLA, Cape Town, CTC Ten Safe-Hub, Gugulethu, Khayelitsha, Manenberg, Soccer · 0 Comments

On Monday, it was with a predominantly white South African and expat group. After work, I trekked out to Table View, a neighborhood about 30 minutes north of city centre along the coast to play with my summer league soccer team. The quality of competition isn’t the highest as we managed our second blowout win.

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Software, Good Referees, and Program Design

24 October 2016 · · AMANDLA, kids, Soccer · 0 Comments

Soccer is a simple game made difficult by the players. A teammate shared that statement with my while playing soccer in university. I can’t really argue with it. In theory, the game is so simple. In practice, I’ve given it over 20 years of my life and am still so far from having figured it.

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Nike Football X Road to BPL Live Tournament and Sport-for-Development Community Day

24 March 2016 · · AMANDLA, CTC Ten Safe-Hub, Soccer · 0 Comments

On Monday, March 14th, Nike Football X and Barclays Premier League Live hosted the Nike Football X Road to BPL Live Qualifying Tournament at the CTC Ten Safe-Hub. The tournament was a five-a-side, winner stays tournament for youth ages 16 to 21 to find the best team in Cape Town. The turnout for the event.

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What can you do in ONE day?

8 November 2015 · · AMANDLA, CTC Ten Safe-Hub, events, Football, Khayelitsha, kids, Leaders, Soccer, Staff · 0 Comments

One day, a full 24 hours, is something we rarely (with the exception of university students during exams), consciously experience. In one 24-hour day, the average human takes 23,040 breaths, blinks 28,800 times, takes roughly 3,500 steps, and has 115,200 heart beats. What would happen if we dedicated all of our breaths, blinks, steps, and.

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