The Power of People

24 December 2016 · · AMANDLA, kids, Leaders, Staff · 0 Comments

The holidays are a fantastic time of year to be with those you love. In the American northeast, the region I call home, the warmth of family, leisure, and reconnecting with old friends always presented a nice respite from the increasingly cold and shortening days. It’s a time of thanks and reflection during which I.

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What can you do in ONE day?

8 November 2015 · · AMANDLA, CTC Ten Safe-Hub, events, Football, Khayelitsha, kids, Leaders, Soccer, Staff · 0 Comments

One day, a full 24 hours, is something we rarely (with the exception of university students during exams), consciously experience. In one 24-hour day, the average human takes 23,040 breaths, blinks 28,800 times, takes roughly 3,500 steps, and has 115,200 heart beats. What would happen if we dedicated all of our breaths, blinks, steps, and.

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New Leader Hot Seat! (Part I)

11 December 2014 · · CCMF, CCMF Hot Seat, Leaders · 0 Comments

  Some of our fabulous new Leaders!  A new class of 12 Team Leaders joined us in November to start training for working at the CCMF in the upcoming year. Over the past month, we’ve had the opportunity to start learning more about these Leaders— their past, their goals, and the strengths they bring to.

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