Rumbling and Roaring: My Role and a Lesson Relearned

1 July 2017 · · Football, kids · 0 Comments

  If you had three words in which to explain the purpose of your role, what would you say? Ludwig Wittgenstein, in Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus, sets the lofty aim of (assuming I read this correctly, which is unlikely) redefining the logic of language in order to provide clarity on our ability to express thoughts to one.

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6 February 2017 · · CTC Ten Safe-Hub, Football, Khayelitsha, kids, Soccer, Uncategorized · 0 Comments

We’ve all got stories. We have short stories, long stories; stories about fun, folly, freaking out, failing, and finding our ways. It’s probably not too much of a generalization to say that for many of us, there are a select few we carry in our back pockets—they’re stories we’ve polished over many retellings, deliberately meandering.

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I Believe in Soccer

26 September 2016 · · Football · 0 Comments

My name is Liam and I believe in soccer. I believe in soccer as a way to forget the difficult times. I believe in soccer as a way to remember the good times. I believe in its ability to bring people together and tear people apart. I believe in its ability to be therapeutic or.

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What can you do in ONE day?

8 November 2015 · · AMANDLA, CTC Ten Safe-Hub, events, Football, Khayelitsha, kids, Leaders, Soccer, Staff · 0 Comments

One day, a full 24 hours, is something we rarely (with the exception of university students during exams), consciously experience. In one 24-hour day, the average human takes 23,040 breaths, blinks 28,800 times, takes roughly 3,500 steps, and has 115,200 heart beats. What would happen if we dedicated all of our breaths, blinks, steps, and.

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Accents, Africa, and Arsenal

12 October 2015 · · Africa, Cape Town, Football, Khayelitsha, Soccer · 0 Comments

I’ve been in Cape Town for just more than four months now. During this relatively short period of time, I’ve learned a great deal about South Africa, AMANDLA EduFootball, and myself. I’d like to spend this blog entry explaining three conclusions I’ve drawn from my stay thus far. 1. What Did You Say? Life can.

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