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The Intersection of Meal Development and Human Development

2 November 2017 · · AMANDLA, CTC Ten Safe-Hub · 0 Comments

  Fidelity in program design, monitoring and evaluation, and community development refers to the level of accuracy with which a program is implemented. As such, to have high fidelity essentially means to follow the plan very closely; low fidelity indicates a lack of adherence. By and large, organizations seek to achieve high levels of fidelity.

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6 February 2017 · · CTC Ten Safe-Hub, Football, Khayelitsha, kids, Soccer, Uncategorized · 0 Comments

We’ve all got stories. We have short stories, long stories; stories about fun, folly, freaking out, failing, and finding our ways. It’s probably not too much of a generalization to say that for many of us, there are a select few we carry in our back pockets—they’re stories we’ve polished over many retellings, deliberately meandering.

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The Beautiful Game

27 November 2016 · · AMANDLA, Cape Town, CTC Ten Safe-Hub, Gugulethu, Khayelitsha, Manenberg, Soccer · 0 Comments

On Monday, it was with a predominantly white South African and expat group. After work, I trekked out to Table View, a neighborhood about 30 minutes north of city centre along the coast to play with my summer league soccer team. The quality of competition isn’t the highest as we managed our second blowout win.

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Public Health, Khayelitsha, and the CTC Ten Safe-Hub: An Interview with Kunene Caswell Silolo

29 April 2016 · · CTC Ten Safe-Hub, Khayelitsha, Public Health, Staff · 0 Comments

I sat down with Kunene this morning for the final interview of my blog series. Kunene is the groundskeeper at the CTC Ten Safe-Hub. Over the course of the year, we’ve had conversations in passing about his life. I decided to end this series with him because I thought it would be a great opportunity.

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Nike Football X Road to BPL Live Tournament and Sport-for-Development Community Day

24 March 2016 · · AMANDLA, CTC Ten Safe-Hub, Soccer · 0 Comments

On Monday, March 14th, Nike Football X and Barclays Premier League Live hosted the Nike Football X Road to BPL Live Qualifying Tournament at the CTC Ten Safe-Hub. The tournament was a five-a-side, winner stays tournament for youth ages 16 to 21 to find the best team in Cape Town. The turnout for the event.

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