My name is Cameron Rutledge and I am an advocate for youth development. I believe children are the future. I strongly believe an investment in a better tomorrow starts with the children of today.

I’m a recent graduate of Franklin & Marshall College. Originally from Miami, FL, I volunteered in many youth development capacities: coaching youth basketball for three years as well as serving as a camp adviser with the Shake-A-Leg Foundation, a non-profit that ensures healthy and positive development of physically and mentally disabled children through social interaction via the arts and water sports.

From 2012 to 2016, I attended F&M as part of the 1st Miami STEM Posse. At F&M I continued mentoring roles as a House Adviser; facilitator for the F&M College Prep Programme which works to encourage high school juniors from across the nation to begin thinking about the endless possibilities college can offer; interning with the Next Generation Initiative to help first generation college students acclimate to college life; and volunteering with the One Goal Programme at the CTC Ten Field during the Summer of 2015.

I am passionate about working with youth and helping mentor the next generation. And I get to do that every day as a CTC Ten Fellow, helping create life skills and youth development workshops on topics from basic hygiene to choosing role models, as well as the opportunity to help implement those workshops with grade and pre-schoolers. They say, “Love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life.” I hope no one’s upset with me for not working this year :)